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PBT Works, s.r.o.
SUPER SWASH cleaning machine


Our machines are designed as high-performance cleaning devices to cover all possible cleaning tasks in surface mount technology and thus fill one of the leading market positions in this field. Beside the standard machine models, we offer individual approach and effective customizing whenever necessary. With 25 year tradition we gained a lot of experience in this field. Therefore, we set all our machines with many unique and important features:

  • Linear direct spray technology
  • Filtration of main liquid flow
  • Double flow immersion spray
  • Closed loop adaptive rinse
  • Direct dry technology with blow-off
  • Vacuum drying technology

Thanks to our cooperation with all significant suppliers of cleaning agents we can offer complete cleaning solutions worldwide even for the most challenging applications.

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Fa23 printing machine


Our portfolio of stand-alone SMT printers is designed for effective help in laboratories, prototyping and also in small production.
Robustness and precision, together with easy operation and small footprint, those are the main attributes of these models. Although small and compact, these printers can fulfil current demands in print quality even on very complex assemblies. All is based upon long-term experience and hundreds of installations worldwide. These machines can be effectively used not only for PCBA, but also in hybrid technology, power electronics, LED applications, sensor technique and other fields where printing of viscous materials is needed.

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Think global, act local.

That is why we work with distributors and representatives. We support and provide our colleagues in many countries worldwide not only with technical information about machine details, but also with highly-valued knowledge of the whole cleaning process.
We can help you to choose the optimal cleaning solution and verify it by trials.

We supply spare parts and consumables globally as well as provide service and consulting.